Go from doubting yourself and your riding skills to enjoying the ride and performing to your full potential

What is PEPP?

PEPP is short for the Positive Equestrian Performance Program.

Being out on competitions and shows I saw a need for riders to master the mental game but there simply weren't enough hours for me in a day to coach everyone 1:1.

Therefore I decided to start PEPP, a group coaching program and community of driven riders, designed to take your Mindset, Performance and Riding to the next level.

What do I get as a Member:

  • 40 video lessons that will help you develop the mental skills required to level up and optimize your performance as a rider
  • Weekly live group coaching calls, where you can ask questions, talk through challenges, share celebrations and receive live coaching
  • Weekly action points, to ensure you put the knowledge you've gained into action
  • An accountability partner, to ensure you stick to what you said you would do
  • Access to a private Facebook community, with driven riders like yourself, to ensure you get surrounded by people setting you up for success
  • A 1:1 Coaching Call with Jocelin
  • 6-month access to the program and all it's resources

"People overestimate what they can do in a year but they underestimate what they can do in a decade"

-Bill Gates

What you'll learn in PEPP



Is PEPP for me?

Professional Rider

Already riding at a professional level but want to master the mental game in order perform to your full potential also under pressure?

Driven Amateur

Are you a driven amateur with a desire for more? Sick of not progressing and doubting if you've got what it takes?


Have you been away from riding for a while after a fall, pregnancy or other personal reason? Do you feel this has taken a toll on your confidence and are you now struggling to get back into it? 


Does any of the above resonate with you?

Then PEPP is for you!

As you might have guessed, the level you are at and which discipline you ride doesn't really matter. What does matter, is that you are eager to make progress. That you are committed to your goals, ready to take action and willing to leave your comfort zone! Sounds like you?

Meet your coaches




Jocelin and Lorna are both passionate riders, competing in the three disciplines: dressage, show jumping and eventing, with eventing as their main discipline.

As determined riders, always aiming to get to the next level in their riding, they discovered that Mindset is KEY in order to achieve your goals. Going through many mental challenges themselves, such as perfectionism, thinking they weren’t good enough, leaving shows filled of negative emotions. They really know what it’s like and can draw from their own experience on how to best conquer those challenges as an equestrian.

Apart from their own ever growing experience in the sport, they have diplomas in both Sport Psychology and NLP.

With this unique combination of experience with theory, they're here to guide you, inspire you, and boost your performance and happiness in and out of the saddle.

Vicky Van Hamme 

“For 37 years my secret dream was to event. It was secret cause I never talked about it. I just let it shimmer in my head. The only thing I truly did about it, was listening to the excuses I found not to do pursue this dream.

But as luck would have it, one day I found myself in the Mindeq facebookgroup which is where I met Jocelin. Since I knew deep down that my mind set was keeping me back and it just clicked with Jocelin during our first call, I soon decided to call her my mental coach.

After only a couple of months using her many tips, suggestions and with the occasional kick in my bump, I found myself going out for my very first eventing outing. Even though it was a training session at 60cm it was a huge accomplishment for me and having Jocelin there during day made it even better.

Six months later, I have registered for several training sessions at 90 and one of my bigger goals this year is to enter in the Miltary of Genk for my very first 3-day event at 90. And I know I will make this one come true just like all the other goals I have set along the way.

And it’s not just my horse riding life that has become so much better, I as a person have grown massively and I’m finally becoming the person I really want to be.

So if you feel stuck or that you are going round in the same old circle. Look no further! The solution is right here.“

San Danhieux

“Het begon allemaal met de aankoop van mijn merrie. Die had al een aantal jaren niets gedaan en had naar het schijnt wel karakter. Heel spannend dus..
Dankzij de goede tips van Jocelin, heb ik durven opstappen en rijden. En ik kan deze tips nu weer goed gebruiken om na mijn zwangerschap, en dus weer een jaar niets doen, terug op te stappen. Dankzij haar hulp, weet ik dat dit zal lukken en lig ik niet al weken op voorhand nodeloos te stressen.

Maar buiten dat, heeft ze me ook geholpen om iets meer zelfvertrouwen te krijgen en mezelf te durven tonen op sociale media. Mijn eerste stories, mijn eerste posts, een giveaway,… allemaal met een flinke duw in de rug van Jocelin. Ik begon zelfs omzet doelen te halen die ik ervoor niet voor mogelijk hield.
Door mijn zwangerschap heeft ook dit een tijdje stil gelegen. MAAR dankzij de goede follow up heb ik alles nog op papier staan en kan ik haar gouden raad gewoon weer opnieuw gebruiken 🙏🏼☺️“

Arnika Van Assche

"Wanneer je passie geremd wordt door faalangst, wanorde of twijfel, dan is Jocelin de geschikte persoon om jouw passie samen uit te lijnen en de juist drive naar succes en zelfvertrouwen te bezorgen."

Nina De Buck

“For me the cooperation with Jocelin was the best idea I ever had. She made me level up from 1m10 to 1m30 with the best feeling. Going on show without stress, only having fun and doing our thing! I’m very grateful for Jocelin her magic. And can only recommend her!“ 

Caoimhe Corry

“Before I started PEPP I was stuck in a rut and so negative about everything. I would use any excuse not to ride and the ridden work I did was most likely useless. I hadn’t competed since 2018 and hadn’t achieved a single goal I set since then either.

Through PEPP I finally got myself set up to get back out there and compete again. I have only been out twice this year and have already ticked off one goal I had thought I would only be able for later in the summer. The change in my mindset has also meant that a goal I haven’t achieved since I first set it in 2017 which was to jump 1.20 feels so achievable now. I think I will achieve this ahead of time which is such a nice feeling. Having a group of driven people in the PEPP group also helps to drive you on.

I would definitely recommend PEPP, it was a self-investment that has definitely paid off for me.“

Val Joy

“I am thoroughly enjoying the coaching with Jocelin. As a coach, she has helped me to reflect on my approach to showjumping and has helped identify areas for improvement. Using practical tools and techniques she has enabled me to shape and implement a set of REAL goals that have significantly improved my focus and performance as a rider.

Jocelin is easy to talk to and is a great listener who isn’t afraid to dig deep into the “why’s” of things, which helps you to consider your actions in all aspects of life. We put so much time, money and hard work into our animals I can't believe its taken me this long to start focusing on my mindset to truly improve my performance. Val Joy 😊 “


Positive Equestrian Performance Program         

Here's what you'll get:

  • 10-week roadmap to develop the mental skills required to level up and optimize your performance as a rider
  • 40 video lessons on Mindset / Performance
  • Lifetime access to a video vault with in-depth lessons on Mindset & Performance 
  • Weekly live group coaching call, to dig deeper into the topic of the week and give you the chance to receive coaching and ask questions directly to Jocelin
  • Weekly action points, to ensure you put the knowledge you've gained into action
  • An accountability partner, to ensure you stick to what you said you would do
  • Access to a private facebook community, with driven riders like yourself, to ensure you get surrounded by people setting you up for success
  • A 1:1 Coaching Call with Jocelin standard priced at €300

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